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Sai Seeds Care is a reputed Odisha agriculture plant growth supplier in Odisha. Its products are famous for their quality and top rated performance, both nationally and internationally. The products are manufactured such that they are environment friendly and assist in rendering a strong natural system for augmenting the agriculture output. These bio-organic agricultural products assist in increasing sustainable agricultural productivity for human welfare.
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Product Description

Simple supplementation of win crops increasesw farm- productivity and Quality of all Horticultural, Commercial, Floriculture, Plantation, Medicinal, Aromatic and sai seeds care crops by 100% to 300%. Enhances 30% to 50% yields in food grains, cereals, pulses. Oil seeds, sugarcane and plantation crops.

Additional Information

WIN (Sai Seeds Care) CROPS™ product is primarily intended to increase various Crops’ farm- productivity and quality of produce. The specified results are subject to the kind of crops, type of cultivation practices adopted, the Organic and stature of the soils of a particular region and the crop protection measures followed in appropriate stages of crop farming.